Dientes Navarino Trekking

LANDMARKS: Cerro La Bandera, Dientes de Navarino, Valle Róbalo, Laguna del Salto.

Day 1

Depending on the arrival route, the guests are being picked up at the airport, the pier or the city hall, then travel to Errante, get comfortable in the rooms and have a welcome lunch or dinner. We`ll have a meeting to plan the trekking with the guide and do a detailed check of the equipment that’s being used.

Day 2

Breakfast in Errante, then we drive to the Water Take of Rio Robalo, where we`ll start the Circuit around 9:30. First we cross the woods, climbing up to about 600 m above sea level, until we get to the flag and get to observe the panoramic view of the town and the channel. Then we go around the forest, follow the Robalo River Valley until we reach Laguna del Salto.

After a lunch at about 13-14h, we continue trekking to Australia Pass, rounding the bottom of the Dientes until we reach a zone that’s apt for camping between Laguna de los Dientes or Laguna Escondida, around 19h.

Setting up Camp.

Dinner at around 19-20h.


Day 3

Breakfast at 8, taking down the tent in order to start trekking at 9h, where we walk between lagoons and woods, behind the Dientes base. In this part, you can appreciate the South of the islands and the Wollaston Isles at the north of the Cabo de Hornos archipelago. An intense moment where you literally see the end of the World. We`ll continue through Ventarron Pass, approaching the beautiful Valle Guerrico. We`ll have a lunch at 13 or 14h to and then keep going until about 18-19h and find a good camping spot between Laguna Martillo and Laguna Zeta.

Dinner 19h-20h.


Day 4

Having breakfast at 8h, taking down the tents to start trekking at 9h, we begin the ascent of Virginia pass, the highest point of the trek, where we see the Beagle channel again. We`ll go around Laguna Guanaco and follow the trail until we reach the point where the woods start to have lunch around 13h. Then we`ll continue the descent until we get to the Mac Lean fishery, about 2 km off the Errante, to finally get back home around 17-18h, relax and share a goodbye dinner.


Day 5

Extra day in case of delay or free day for activities to be chosen by the guest according to availability.


Day 6

Breakfast in Errante, transport to airport, pier or city hall.

Details Crossing


+ 2-3 nights in the Ecolodge, 3-4 nights camping on the trekking circuit

+ Transport to the beginning of the circuit and transport to Puerto Williams depending on the activities on the extra day.

+ Snacks, lunch and dinner

+ Trekking Guide

+ Porters (+ additional costs if requested)

  • Trekking equipment: gaiters, backpacks, walking canes, etc. (+ additional cost if requested)