Sustainability + Social Impact

For us, being self-sustainable is the only option to exist.

The sun, the water, the view. These elements make the Errante a place full of life, constantly transforming. The lodge is built to use the sun`s energy at its maximum potential and makes use of the waters of los Bronces River, which descends off the north face of Isla Navarino and was declared one of the purest streams in the world

Errante was built using local & regional materials, mostly made of southern beech wood, because of its availability, its specific beauty and quality. It was processed by us, with love, right on site.

Innovative hospitality

Today we are constructing an Errante greenhouse and a sewage water plant. For our team, self-sustainability is the only option– hence we reuse and recycle all our waste. Our electricity stems from autonomous sources, based on unconventional renewable energies. Additionally, our policy is to diminish the consumption of energy to a minimal level, using best technologies and learning to be more efficient in our hotelier`s habits.

Team Errante – a collaborative construction


Jorge Caros is a dental surgeon, who has been working more than seven years in the public health system of Puerto Williams and Punta Arenas, taking care of people in the most isolated places in the region. He has presented health care projects in remote and isolated areas. He is the founding and executive mind that conceptualized, built and developed the project of the Errante, an ecological, self-sustaining hotel at the end of the world.

In 2014, he graduated the master`s program “innovation & entrepreneurship” at the Catholic University.

He also served as founding partner and president of the guide`s association of Cabo de Hornos between 2011 and 2016, where many communal project were developed for Cabo de Hornos, such as mountaineering classes, climbing classes, or first aid courses.




The trained dental surgeon has played a role in the public and private system for several years until the enchantment of Isla Navarino made her move to the region and build her new home at the edge of the world. She brought herself into the Errante project, the self-sustaining Ecolodge at the end of the world, a project full of adventures and misadventures, from the construction, the launch and the administration. Simultaneously she created and worked in projects of dental attention in the rural Magallanes area, and in climbing, mountaineering and cultural activities such as documentary cinema. Today she is pursuing a master in entrepreneurship and business administration at the university of Chile to continue to develop the project and to create tourism as an economically equitable and ecologically sustainable.


Today their main aim is to keep developing the Errante, and work in adventure tourism, developing activities such as trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking.




This project was realized in collaboration with volunteers from various regions of the world, who came to the Island to trek Dientes de Navarino and then stayed to help in the construction of the Errante and to get to know the magical region. The first contact with volunteers was established in 2014 via couchsurfing. In the following years, thanks to Workaway, we received more volunteers (whom we consider friends today) from different parts of the world that helped us, with their passion, their patience and their talent, to complete the Errante and receive guests. From logistics to help with guiding and cooking they joined even in musical performances or workshops which we realized together in the lodge.