Kayaking: the Route of the Ancient Canueros

LANDMARKS: Canal Beagle, Caleta Paula, Bahía Virginia, conchales arqueológicos

We`ll begin with tech-talk at the fireplace of the Errante, to immerse ourselves into the ways of canoeing life. The composition and design of the short Canoes gives us an idea of the native Yagan people`s deep understanding of the surroundings and in this case of the circle of life in the native forests.

Our trip starts right by Errante in the Beagle Channel, navigating towards Caleta Paula and Bahía Virginia. In this round trip, we`ll discover uninhabited beaches, and majestic views. Following the Beagle well also pass “Conchales”, protected archeological sites, where history literally accumulates, in layers on the floor.

Excursion Details

Duration: 2-3 hrs.


+ Kayaking Guide

Equipment: Wet-Suit, neopren shoes, life-wests, mittens, skirt.

+ Safety equipment

+ Single or Doble Kayak