3 Lakes Sport Fishing + Trekking

LANDMARKS: Lagunas Valle Guerrico.

This is a journey that requires excellent spirits and a disposition for adventure. It offers great views for families and groups of friends that look for a walk with low difficulty and who enjoy nature itself.

We travel 10 kilometers towards the mouth of Guerrico valley. The local fishing guide awaits us and we hike 7 kilometers to the first lagoon, crossing a millennial forest full of Coihue trees, southern beech and ñirre (Nothofagus Antarctica).

Then we cross a peat in order to get to a lagoon and a hut at 300 meters above sea level. While some fish, others relax or enjoy this natural paradise. Then we continue 40 mins more until we reach the second lagoon, known for its rainbow trout – and for those who long to fish at a higher altitude, with another 40 mins walk we can reach the third and last lagoon.


The group can choose an optional barbecue at the hut of the first lagoon.

Finally, we walk back to our starting point where the van awaits us to return to relax and share stories of our adventures over dinner at Errante.

Excursion Details

Duration: Whole day


+ Transport in private van from Ecolodge to Guerrico Valley and back

+ Local sport fishing guide

+ Snacks and water

+ Fishing licence

+ Fishing equipment (fly, hardware, canes, wader, boots)

+ Optional: Barbecue at the hut